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In our tiny corner of the world, it’s loud and overwhelming…

Each day begins the same: a shotgun start of disorder and routine pandemonium. At the spiteful hands of blistering hot coffee, we’ve become accustomed to scorching our overworked gums in the hopes of actually coming to life and being productive. Just once—we’re convinced—if we catch our bus on time, the day will breeze by as delightful as fresh white sheets on a clothesline. Today is the day that deadlines will meet their match! Never before has this world known tenacity and vigor like it will see in me!

D's Six Pax & DogzEven still, there will be puddles to avoid and raindrops to dodge; tiny, little specs of this big blue earth that demand our full attention. To speak, we’ve realized, is to scream our lungs out, however barbaric it might seem. Before long, with our own grip slipping, we do what any self-respecting person of legal consumption age would do: we look ourselves in the mirror, and noticing far more imperfections than we’ve signed off on, we concede. It’s time for a beer.

So here at D’s, we’ve turned it all off—or at least metaphorically we have. The deadlines, the agendas, the fire-breathing bosses…they’re all unplugged. The tables have been wiped; the chairs are stacked like neat, 1950s-era Catholic schoolboys; a list of available draft beers is almost never more than an arm’s length away. We keep the lights dim and the grill hot. The only stirring, you’ll notice, comes from the enthusiastic clamor of our jangly kitchen staff, manufacturing the very best hot dogs in this esteemed City of Champions.

Occasionally, we know you won’t be able to join us. There will be weddings, golf outings, cliff-diving competitions in Sri Lanka; spelling bees in Ohio, bullfights in San Juan. Life beckons sometimes, and we’re okay with that. So to help make those times a bit more tolerable, we’ve resolved to start blogging. It’s the most efficient way to stay in touch with you—and for you to stay in touch with us—while you’re out living your big, epic life, dominating the world in front of you and leaving a wake of destruction behind you. We want to be there every step of the way.

Here, you’ll find ruminations about nothing specific and at the same time, everything. Familiar with our own tendencies by now, we suspect the bulk of this estate to file under Beer and Hot Dogs. It’s what we’re most passionate about around these parts; it’s what we know. In this world chock-full of five-gallon buckets, it isn’t whether or not you fill yours; it’s what you fill yours with that counts.

Still, there will be other things to noodle over: events, special promotions, breaking news; fashion trends, music, sports. Things like that. We hope you’ll check us out on Facebook, too, and we promise not to lead you into oncoming traffic if you follow us on Twitter.

True, we’re not TMZ, but we get the sense we’ll take over the world someday—it’s more of a hunch than anything, really. Until then, we’ll keep the beer on ice and hope you’ll pull up a chair to join us—sit backwards if you’d prefer, what do we care? If the world never ends up being ours, at least we’ll have your company and your conversation. And to us, that’ll do just fine.


D’s Six Pax & Dogz has plenty that’s doggone good

D’s Six Pax & Dogz has plenty that’s doggone good

D's Chicago DogAn unofficial 101 of our award-winning menu, angled to showcase our dynamic approach to offering the most creative hot dogs in town. WARNING: Features riveting commentary from our two Top Dogz, owner Dino DeFlavio and general manager Rena Agostinone.


A modern-day “D-Vinci” – Pittsburgh City Paper

A modern-day "D-Vinci" Local artist's mural enlivens D's Six Pax
Hal B. Klein - Pittsburgh City Paper

Local artist's mural enlivens D's Six PaxSome happenin’ words from those crazy cats over at City Paper, pimping the talents of local artist Jeff Lucas through our charming, hypnotic Wall of D’eity.


Six Reasons to Love D’s Six Pax

Six Reasons to Love D’s Six Pax
Taste of Pittsburgh

Six Reasons to Love D's Six PaxTaste of Pittsburgh gives you six hard-to-ignore reasons why D’s should be at the top of your To-Do list.


Super Beer in Regent Square

Super Beer in Regent Square, D’s Six Pax and Dogz, Pittsburgh, PA
Chuck Kerber – Pittsburgh Hot Plate

Battle-tested chef Chuck Kerber knows a thing or two about good eats and big league beer. So when he handpicks us to feature in his well-known blog, it’s wise of you to take note.


Euro Trip

I’d walk into D’s Six Pax & Dogz and feel like I was in a European pub again
Whirl Magazine

General Manager Rena Agostinone pouring a cold beerThe best trips are the ones you take in your own mind on lazy summer nights…to Portugal or Bulgaria…or anywhere in Europe, really…to hunt down a hot dog and, maybe, a few good beers. Sometimes though — according to the kind souls at Whirl—Europe comes to you instead.


The Best Burgers and Hot Dogs in Pittsburgh

The Best Burgers and Hot Dogs in Pittsburgh

From pork-blanketed Kobe beef to topless local franks, POP City gives mad ups to the big dogz of Yinzertown’s hottest food craze. Let’s face it—this list would be legit in ANY city, not just ours.


Bottle shops gain ground as more customers crave specialty beers

Not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant
Pittsburgh Business Times by Tim Schooley

D's Six Pax & DogzWritten in 2006 to highlight several emerging stars in Pittsburgh’s then-burgeoning bottle shop scene, the good folks at PBT focus much of their energies recognizing D’s as one of the earliest arrivals to the craft beer distribution party.


Munch goes to D’s Six Pax & Hot Dogz Shoppe

D's TapsPittsburgh’s own headless horseman, Munch—the brown-bagged Midnight Writer, himself—offers a unique look back on the early days at D’s, when root beer floats were still up for grabs and hot dogs weren’t as hip as they are now.

Daily Specials

(Dine-In Only)

Wings or Seitan $6

Large One-topping Pizza $10

Dog & Fries $6 (beef, veggie, turkey)

Brat/Scorpion/K-Boss & Fries $7

Italian Hot Sausage or Kielbasa Sandwich & Fries: $7.50

Saturday & Sunday
Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.95
Carolina Dog $5.50


Sunday - Wednesday:
11:00am - 11:00pm

Thursday - Saturday:
11:00am - midnight

(kitchen closes 1 hour prior to close)

Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm Everyday
$1.00 Off Drafts and Bottles
(1919 Draft Root Beer Not Included)

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